Looks like Yamaha will be joining the EV fray with electric motorcycles coming to production in 2016.

One will be a street version, another for the dirt. They were first revealed as concepts at the 2013 Motor Show, and careful reading of the company’s 2013 annual report discovered mention of the PES1 and PED1.

PES is short for “passion, electric, street,” and as you might imagine, PED is “passion, electric, dirt.”

Specs are unknown, but it’s believed they’ll use an automated gearbox that can operate manually or automatically via a switch.


Presently, some of the most innovative electric motorcycles are coming out of Silicon Valley and Oregon from Zero, and Brammo, and other companies are doing some neat products as well.

To see a major Japanese motorcycle company take this bold move is a positive turn of events.

Now if only we could see Toyota do an about face and announce a Model S competitor, that would be something.