August 16, 2007: Source – Detroit Free Press

2009 Camaro concept

GM watchers muse that the company’s two-mode hybrid system, which debuts this fall in Tahoe and Yukon, might someday be adapted to a muscle car. Cylinder deactivation combined with an electric motor could boost the fuel economy of a theoretical Camaro V8 hybrid to 40 mpg in the city.

But other companies have already tried muscle hybrids and found them wanting. As reported in the Detroit Free Press:

There’s a real question as to whether buyers want a hybrid performance car, though. Honda failed when it pitched the hybrid Accord as a performance model, and the go-fast hybrid version of Lexus’ GS sport sedan has struggled, said Rebecca Lindland, analyst with Global Insight, Lexington, Mass.

“The traditional hybrid buyer is not worried about performance,” she said. “That may be changing, but even the slightest hint that it didn’t perform as well as the non-hybrid would be death.”

Of course, the hybrid Camaro is pure speculation at this point. Is it coincidence that the 2009 concept’s body looks an awful lot like the Volt?


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