A team of graduate students from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has been acknowledged by the Guinness World Records for the “Most Efficient Electric Vehicle.”

On an Audi test track in Bavaria, the tiny project car toppled the previous Guinness record by chalking up 765.53 miles/kilowatt hours.

That’s the equivalent of about 26,135 U.S. miles per gallon, which would theoretically allow the car to cover 6,808 miles on just one-quarter gallon (1 liter) of 95-octane gasoline.

The car chosen for the record was a modified TUfast eLi14, initially built for the 2014 Shell Eco Marathon.

Each year since 2011, a group known as TUfast students have built a new car to meet the Shell Eco Marathon competition rules, but chose to modify the 2014 eLi14 car for the record attempt.

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The car was seen as the ideal candidate because of the aerodynamic advantages over the 2015 and 2016 cars.

“We were convinced that our vehicle had a lot of potential,” explained team leader Lisa Kugler.

Photo credit for all images:  TUFast.

Photo credit for all images: TUFast.

In search of even more efficiency, the motor was upgraded with a custom controller along with a revised magnet placement and silver wire coils. The original rims were changed, accompanied by ultra-low friction bearings.

The young nine-member team worked on the eLi14 car for more than a year and proved that a little electrical energy can go a long way.

TUFast, Audi, via Gizmag