French autonomous car startup Nayva has unveiled its latest vehicle, Autonom Cab, a Level 4 all-electric autonomous vehicle the firm calls the “world’s first taxi robot.”

The six-passenger Autonom Cab comes equipped with 10 LiDAR systems, comprised of six cameras, four radars, and an onboard computer that digests and interprets the sensor data to make steering decisions. There is no cockpit, pedals, or steering wheel. The vehicle’s top speed is 55-mph with a capped 35-mph to adhere to city speed limits. No word on the Autonum Cab’s battery type or range.

“Imagine cities where only Autonoms would circulate: no more traffic jams or parking problems, less accidents, less pollution. At Navya, we know that the status of the individual car has changed, especially among younger generations,” said Christophe Sapet, Navya CEO. “Young people are fewer and fewer to have their driving license and fewer and fewer attached to owning their own car. They are looking for 24/7 adapted and operational mobility solutions, guaranteeing freedom of use, a certain well-being and reduced costs.”

With Autonom Cab, Nayva also plans on launching a smartphone app where users can call a cab with a few clicks, Uber-style. Upon arrival, car doors are opened or closed with the click of a button. According to Nayva, the Autonom Cab will digest traffic jams data in advance to chart the most efficient route.

This is not the first autonomous vehicle by Nayva. At the moment, a year-long shuttle program uses an 8-seat, autonomous shuttle bus to transport passengers along the famed Fremont East area in downtown Las Vegas. Its route is 0.6-miles long and services three stops. In Paris’ La Defense business district, Nayva has been running 15-seater shuttles since last July on a six-month trial to three different routes seeing 500,000 daily visitors.

Nayva develops, manufactures, and acts as a service provider for autonomous transport solutions targeting cities and private sites. It comprises of a 150-employee team dispersed throughout four locations in the United States and France, approximately 50 of whom are research & development-focused computer experts and engineers in the areas of artificial intelligence and auto manufacturing. To date, more than 50 Navya Shuttles are in operation with more than 180,000 passengers served.

Look for the Autonom Cab to be presented at January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas before going on a five-city tour to road test. Nayva says it will operate service in Las Vegas by the end of June 2018.