Fleet buyers checked out the latest in electrified and alternative fuel vehicles, and watched the unveiling of the Workhorse W-15 electric work truck during ACT Expo 2017.

Held this week in Long Beach, Calif., the annual clean transportation conference saw Workhorse Group showcase its W-15 electric concept pickup that can go 80 miles per charge by way of its 60 kWh battery pack. The startup maker of battery-electric vehicles is also offering a variation to fleets with an on-board gasoline generator that extends total miles to 310 using both electricity and gasoline.

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Workhorse has been releasing news on the plug-in pickup for several months, including receiving letters of intent for the purchase of 3,000 units from a few utility and government fleets. It’s still in the concept phase, with no word yet on when it will be ready to reach production level. The company said it will have a starting price of $52,000, and will offer 460 horsepower with the ability to carry 2,200 pounds in payload and tow 5,000 pounds.

Workhorse Group said the W-15 light duty platform design is an extension of the E-Gen electric technology used in Workhorse medium-duty delivery trucks. The vehicle maker is also known for testing a drone package delivery system.

As you can see in the photo gallery below, electrified vehicles were a recurring theme in the exhibit hall. Fleets are seeing more battery electric, plug-in hybrid, and hybrid vehicles in all types of vehicles such as buses, shuttles, port drayage trucks, and delivery trucks.

Product offerings on display include BYD electric medium-duty trucks, the Ford Police Responder hybrid sedan, and Mitsubishi Fusi’s Canter electric work truck.

Renewable natural gas has been another hot topic during ACT Expo. Switching over to renewable natural gas could quickly help California achieve its air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, and climate change-related goals, the two coalitions say.

“The RNG Jobs Report” was released during the conference, which predicts that with fleets deploying trucks fueled by renewable natural gas, it will create up to 130,000 new jobs and add $14 billion to California’s economy. The study was released jointly by the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas and the California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition trade groups.

Waste Management, Inc., took the “In It For the Long Haul” achievement award given by ACT Expo, for running nearly 6,000 natural gas powered refuse trucks. About 40 percent of these trash trucks are now powered by renewable natural gas, the company said, with that fuel coming from landfill biogas.