Winnebago, the popular recreation vehicle manufacturer, has announced a new zero-emission vehicle line.

In partnership with Motiv Power Sytstems, Inc., a medium-duty electric chassis manufacturer, the brand will produce an all-electric vehicle designed for urban short-range purposes in two size configurations – a 33-foot and a 38-footer. Specifications include units with six to eight batteries providing a range of 85 to 125 miles. It will use Motiv’s Class A EPIC all-electric chassis, based on the Ford F53 that comprises its motorhome shell with a lot of compartmental interior options.

“Motiv’s EPIC all-electric chassis, paired with Winnebago Industries’ highly regarded commercial shell, is the perfect fit for end-users who seek reliable performance and functionality,” said Motiv CEO/Founder Jim Castelaz. “We are excited to collaborate with Winnebago Industries as we work together to grow the electric commercial vehicle market.”

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Its short-range urban trips will be of use for applications such as mobile blood donation centers, mobile medical units – all of which require travel within short distances with limited interior structure.

There’s no word yet on its range or charging performance numbers.

“Winnebago sees first-mover customers for this new electric option in its specialty vehicles segment, such as mobile medical units, bloodmobiles, bookmobiles, and the like,” added Ashis Bhattacharya, Winnebago’s vice president of strategic planning and development. “We anticipate supporting customers seeking an electric RV sometime in the future.”