As far as official info goes, it is anyone’s guess, but anonymous sources have said Henrik Fisker is working with Hong Kong billionaire Richard Li in one of two potential bids to keep Fisker Automotive’s name alive.

Henrik Fisker abruptly left the company he co-founded six years ago in March this year, and Reuters says the investors are discussing purchase of the U.S. Department of Energy’s outstanding loan – at pennies on the dollar – along with avoiding bankruptcy by Fisker Automotive.

The Energy Department is owed $171 million and provisions could allow it to try and negotiate what amounts to damage control and selling off the debt at a loss to minimize otherwise greater loss to taxpayers.

The other group said to be thinking about doing something similar to Li and Henrik Fisker, as previously reported, includes Bob Lutz – the “L” in VL Automotive which already has a Web site with Fisker bodied, Corvette-engined cars, but without a reliable supply of the needed bodies.

Lutz and company are looking at snapping up the former 400-plus employee company at fire sale prices of $20 million, and sources said this could crest higher, and may need to, given more money is reportedly on offer by Li and his group.

Sources have agreed avoiding bankruptcy could be desirable for Fisker in maximizing what value it can return to investors.

Henrik Fisker has reportedly been communicating with potential investors to get in on a deal to revive his former company. What role the talented designer who has also penned Aston Martins and BMWs remains unclear.

The group he’s said to be involved with led by Li has reportedly bid on the outstanding Energy Department loan for a sum in the range of $25 million to $30 million.

While higher than what the group Lutz had initially offered, it amounts to 17.5 cents on the dollar back to U.S. taxpayers.

Anything could happen, however, and inquiries to Fisker Automotive, and others involved have gone unanswered.

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