A nice clear frontal three-quarter view of the Tesla Model X was provided by a California photographer on a car enthusiast’s forum.

We cropped the photos for your viewing edification, but the originals are posted below in the gallery.

The delayed and much anticipated crossover is expected to begin deliveries the third quarter of this year and a few clear images of other angles have circulated previously, but no pictures have been supplied by Tesla.

Source: VWVortex; hushypushy.

Source: VWVortex; photographer: hushypushy.

More often the rear-end of the car have been more prominent. Shown driving in Los Altos, a photographer who goes by the name hushypushy snapped some shots, including one that gives proportion appropriately enough next to a white Nissan Leaf.


The photographer’s comment on the VW Vortex forum:

“Bumping this thread not because I have any new info, but because I saw this thing running around today,” said the photo taker. “Is it just me or does the rear door look kinda…off? Wonder what they’re doing there.”

It may be the pre-production prototype has a glitch or two, so no worries there.

Source: VWVortex; photographer: hushypushy.

Source: VWVortex; photographer: hushypushy.

Speculation on production configuration for the car with more than 20,000 paid reservations continues.

Will it have more range or – possibly – less than the Model S? Maybe 230 miles? Maybe more if they stuff as big as a 100-kwh battery in there?

It’s known all-wheel-drive is in the works, and that news was out before the Model S P85D. Will a comparable uber-powerful trim level be offered for Model X too, so we may soon see family haulers competing in drag races on street and strip against supercars?

Unknown. One thing certain is Tesla is working out the bugs and wants this car right as it prepares also its Gigafactory and next year’s reveal of the Model 3 – the car to be priced for those other than high-income earners.