After a very long wait, the Tesla Model X has finally transitioned from rumors and spy shots into to a solid vehicle ready for delivery.

CEO Elon Musk revealed the production version of the Model X in front of an exuberant crowd on Tuesday, delivering the first few at the end of his presentation. At the same time, he demonstrated many of the crossover’s features and named a few specifications.

Between the debut event and details that have leaked on the Internet, a more comprehensive picture of the Model X now exists. Tesla doesn’t yet have the full spectrum of options and pricing available to the public, but here’s what we know right now.

Powertrain And Performance:

Exterior paint options for the Model X.

Exterior paint options for the Model X.

Every Model X will be all-wheel-drive, with dual motors mounted to drive each axle and a 90-kilowatt hour battery. Similar to the top level Model S, buyers can choose from a standard 90D or the high-performance P90D.

Power is split evenly on the 90D, with a 259-horsepower motor for each axles. This gives the base Model X a sprint time of 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph.

The P90D replaces the rear motor with a 503 horsepower version, which strips a full second from the crossover’s 0-60 mph sprint time. The optional Ludicrous Speed Upgrade boosts this 3.2 seconds. Top speed remains the same.

Range for both versions is comparable to the Model S P85D: 257 miles for the Model X 90D, and 250 miles for the Model X P90D.


Glass is tinted as it approaches visor level.

Glass is tinted as it approaches visor level.

The bulk of the spotlight for seating has focused on the second row, which Tesla has designed to appeal to families. The back of the seat stays straight as a motor slides the entire seat forward, so any cargo or car seats placed here move with the seat and aren’t disrupted.

Ample storage is available under the seat, and the entire row sits closer towards the front of the crossover. This appears to provide enough legroom for even larger passengers in either the second or third row (though the actual dimensions haven’t been posted).

When ordering, buyers can choose from a six- or seven-seat configuration. The smaller arrangement deletes the middle seat in the second row, leaving a blank space in between the seats. Seats are available in ultra-white, tan leather or black leather finish.

New tech:

A full battery of sensors are mounted on the Model X, including radar, sonar and camera systems. Automatic emergency braking is one way the crossover takes advantages of this tech. The sensors can also work in conjunction with built-in self-driving systems to help avoid side collisions.

Even when the crossover isn’t in motion, these sensors are at work. As the driver is walking towards the Model X, the crossover senses the approach to automatically open the door. Before the rear doors open, the Model X scans for obstructions overhead or alongside the crossover. The falcon wing doors then triangulate the optimal opening arc to keep from hitting parked cars, nearby walls or a low ceiling.

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Air Filter:

presentation5Though a high-quality air filtration system doesn’t often appear on a buyer’s list of “must-haves,” Tesla has decided to take its system to a new level. The stage one filter is much larger than a standard size for a vehicle, and is supported by a smaller, secondary filter. Together, these can scrub pollen, bacteria and viruses from the incoming air. Under the vehicle’s settings, owners can set the air filter to its highest level for “medical-grade” air quality, dubbed Bioweapon Defense Mode.


At the end of his talk, Musk brought onstage five of the first Model X crossovers, handing the keys over to their new owners. But other than this theatrical delivery, little has been said about when other Model X owners will receive their new corssovers. According to last estimates before the Tuesday release, between 25,000 and 30,000 people have already placed a reservation.

The Tesla website advises that for any reservations it receives now, the estimated delivery is in the second half of 2016.

Price And Warranty:

ModelX-2Only reservation holders that have been invited to begin building their Model X have been given access to the full list of options and pricing. A few have shared this info, giving the rest of the world a glimpse at what to expect.

Pricing for the Model X P90D Signature Edition starts at $132,000. With the $7,500 federal tax credit and destination fee taken into consideration, the price is $125,700. The cost of the 90D and P90D versions have not been released.

Some of the upgrades appear to cost the same as for the Model S sedan: Ludicrous Speed Upgrade is $10,000 and the Subzero Weather Package is $1,000. An optional tow package is also available for $750.

The warranty appears to carry over from the Model S as well, as an 8-year, “infinite mile” battery and drive unit warranty.