Meet the Tesla Model M, a stout electric motorcycle featuring a body painted in matte black and the carmaker’s signature red.

Too bad it exists only on paper.

The Model M has no actual links to Tesla, but is the brainchild of Jans Slapins. The London-based artist designed the concept motorcycle and posted it on his blog earlier this week. Images of the motorcycle have caused quite a stir across the Internet, with many fans lamenting when they discover that the Model M isn’t likely to become a reality.

Model M1

Regrettably, Slapins has said very little about what inspired him, and has said even less about the motorcycle itself. The blog Beautiful Life speculates that the Model M could be powered by a 150-kilowatt electric motor, though there’s no explanation backing this.

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Looking at the design, it appears that Slapins has kept center of gravity close to the street by positioning the lithium-ion batteries low on the frame. With no gasoline required, extra storage is available in place of the fuel tank. In one drawing Slapins suggests that this cubby is even large enough to hold a full face helmet, a laptop and a phone.

The front suspension is an upside-down design, and a single spring supports the rear. Carbon fiber wheels, “Tesla” badging on the back of the seat and behind the foot pedal and a single emblem of the logo are also featured in the design.

Model M Model M