Hi Everyone.

After a few year hiatus, we’re bringing back the HybridCars.com weekly newsletter which will feature selected stories in each issue.

As many of you know, HybridCars.com covers not just “hybrid cars” but all types of “alternative” energy transportation. Our aim is to inform anyone with an interest in saving (or eliminating) petroleum fuel usage and/or reducing (or eliminating) emissions. Plus, we cover the latest technologies for anyone who appreciates innovation.


We were first called “HybridCars” in the early 2000s when that technology was the cutting edge. Actually our mission was to cover this first step toward electrification and as things have evolved, so have we. Hybrids are still with us, and a growing segment, but now we have much more, and would be remiss not to follow where things are going.

When this site was begun, much was still being looked forward to – articles for the next several years after that spoke of when we’d see the first American hybrids, plug-in hybrids, new all-electric cars, and so on.

These have all since come along, and several alternative technologies now appear here to stay with some yet on the horizon. Even manufacturers tentatively sitting on the sidelines are saying they will jump into the electrified vehicle waters in due time.

It’s thus a great time to be following what’s happening! It’s almost like a new renaissance as so-called “disruptive” technology does just that – disrupt, and in cases even upset established stakeholders and traditional mindsets. While electrified and other vehicles can experience backlash from some, others are cheering the underdogs in a race to the future where, frankly, no one can predict a “winner” – if there is only one winner.

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If you have feedback, ideas for stories or coverage, or questions, please feel free to let us know. Our e-mail address is [email protected]

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Jeff Cobb