The party starts at eight, don’t be late.

Or, if you did not get your RSVP, Tesla is throwing a bash tonight, Pacific time, and oh, by the way, the Model X will be launched and the carmaker will stream it live.

Thus far, the $133,200 Signature series has been shown by eager first buyers putting info on Tesla forums, its EPA-rated range is 250 or 257 miles depending on spec, and Tesla watchers are hoping for further disclosures.

Expected are the first “founder’s” editions and unclear is the delivery schedule for Signatures, and 70 and 85 kilowatt-hour trim levels.

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When Model S was launched in mid 2012 the carmaker managed to sell just around 2,400 units that first half year through December 31 as it refined its assembly processes, but it has learned a thing or two about manufacturing since then.

That should be good, as it has people in line. Waiting. Patiently. Mostly. It’s been three-and-a-half years and postponements now total three, but this is it.

We’ll have coverage following the event, but you can watch it as it happens if you click here.