Tesla never pegged the Model 3 as a performance vehicle, but the comparisons are inevitable to some well-established sport sedans.

One owner decided to see what a bone stock Model 3 is made of and went to Mid-Ohio for some documented hot laps. It’s unclear if the driver had any other additional laps around the track, but the video shows that the Model 3 made it around the course in 1:54.22, which is a respectable time for the electric sedan.

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The only change to the Model 3 in preparation for the track outing was a tire swap. The video description states the electric car was running Pilot Sport 4S tires for extra grip. After the run, the owner said the only real downfall of the Model 3 was the car’s brakes. With a set of track brake pads, stopping power should help the car run an even quicker time around the track.

Now, we’re sure plenty of electric car enthusiasts await the Model 3’s performance package and all-wheel drive options. Watch this Tesla Model 3 track video below: