After years of anticipation, today Tesla will reveal its Model 3 and perhaps only coincidentally, yesterday Porsche posted a video of an EV of its own worth waiting for.

Some have said the disruptive Tesla has pushed proud German carmakers to chase it, but Porsche does not say its inspiration was Tesla, but rather “electric mobility” in general.

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“This vehicle is Porsche’s answer to the questions associated with the future of electric mobility,” said Michael Mauer, director of Style Porsche.

The video focuses on the design, not so much the powertrain aspects of the sleek Mission E concept which is the basis of a production sedan projected for 2020.

Output at this juncture is said to be 600 horsepower, and range is to be 310 miles – possibly on the liberal NEDC cycle.

An 800-volt charging system threatens to one-up Tesla’s Supercharger by replenishing 80 percent of the pack’s energy in 15 minutes. Wireless charging is also in the works.

Just how much of the advanced concept’s technology will make it all the way through to production, or what the selling price will ultimately be for this ostensibly ultimate EV remains to be seen.

And whether its goal was to confront Tesla or just “electric mobility,” Porsche is aiming at a moving target as it otherwise says the Mission E will be capable of track day duty as well as sedately rolling on the streets and anything in between.