After a build up from bold declarations since this summer and murky teaser videos lately promising revolutionary ideas and products, Faraday Future is scheduled to show more tonight at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The time is rather late for East-Coasters – 11:00 p.m., or 8:00 p.m. Pacific. It is in this night-time revelation that the dawn of a new day for the automobile has been touted.

“We plan to revolutionize the automobile industry by creating an integrated, intelligent mobility system that protects the earth and improves the living environment of mankind,” said Jia Yueting, founder and CEO of Leshi TV, a Chinese video site, in his letter to Nevada officials.

The link to that live stream is here, but meanwhile observers have been alternately expressing hope of describing Faraday’s whole approach as “hype” for the utter grandiosity of promises with evidence to date exceedingly thin.

What will be shown tonight may clarify whether such expectations are at all to be believed. Whether an actual running car will be shown as suggested by a teaser video, or a rolling design thesis concept car is in the offing is unknown.

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Despite hedged guesses or cynical views a concept will be unveiled, common sense might suggest a running car well on its way to production ready ought to be shown.

Faraday has after all said it will be in production 2017, next year. It has also the 17th richest man in China as a founding investor. It has gotten the state of Nevada on board with $335 million in public assistance toward plans to build a factory.


Faraday says on its website it will quickly staff that factory with 4,500 well-compensated employees. Its present estimated size is 400-500 employees.

Can it pull all that off inside of the next 12-24 months?

It is generally considered bad form to over promise and under-deliver. It may be Faraday knows this, so will it deliver substantial reason to believe it is the new Tesla competitor as others now are saying?

The answer may come tonight at CES.