According to users of a Telsa forum, as well as at least one Twitter user, the wait to recharge their vehicles at a Tesla Supercharger in Barstow, Calif. was unusually long yesterday.

Forum users pointed out that this particular Supercharger in Barstow was along the corridor from Los Angeles to Las Vegas – and perhaps owners were returning to one city after visiting relatives in the other. After all, the drive time from one city to the other is approximately four hours or so, which means driving to see family might be a more attractive option than flying.

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What that meant for Tesla owners who needed juice was long lines – two-hour waits were reported in Barstow. A holiday jam of this sort has happened before, also in California, along a hilly stretch of Interstate 5 that was presumably being used by drivers commuting back and forth from San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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This could be an issue in the future, once the Model 3 hits the road, especially since Tesla has promised that it will produce 10 times the amount of vehicles it does now by as soon as 2018. On the other hand, Tesla has imposed fees on supercharger stations, both for leaving a car parked and for new vehicles.

Of course, certain supercharger locations may be more vulnerable to backups – California is the strongest U.S. market for Tesla, and both Interstate 5 and Interstate 15 are heavily trafficked corridors between major cities. The Northeast Corridor and Upper Midwest are other areas where heavy traffic and high Tesla ownership could potentially lead to backups, as well.

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