More pictures of VW’s production-pending XL1 uber-high-tech halo car have come out, and a couple details more than we reported last time.

The carbon fiber two-seater will see an initial production run of 250 units, and cost somewhere near $100,000.


Yes, it is exclusive, but its 261 miles per gallon (0.9 liters/100 km) potential is the result of unprecedented design credentials for a production-based vehicle.


This vehicle basically makes something like Honda’s 37 mpg CR-Z look like a Hummer. Its coefficient of drag is reported at 0.189 which significantly undercuts the Prius Liftback’s .025 cd.

Curb weight is just 1,750 pounds – an astonishingly light weight in today’s age of impact and rollover crash protection concerns, and the over engineering needed to satisfy safety requirements.


Power is delivered by a 47 horsepower two-cylinder turbo-diesel mated to a 27-horsepower electric motor. All electric range is said to be 31 miles. A seven-speed dual clutch transmission allows for 0-62 mph in 12.7 seconds.

We shall see how the first batch of 250 sell and are received, and how soon VW can find a way to cut costs and proliferate this technology.

Certainly it is no solution for the masses at this point, but the company is already looking at ways to trickle down the powerpant to such vehicles as its Euro Up! city car.