Volkswagen’s Electrify America and Walmart have announced that fast-charging stations are coming to more than 100 Walmart stores by June next year.

Electrify America is VW’s effort to add EV infrastructure to the U.S. The division plans to spend $2-billion on charging infrastructure and education across the country. About $800-million of that is going to be spent in California, with the rest spread out.

Earlier this week, the company announced that it would be deploying more than 2,000 350-kilowatt DC fast chargers around the U.S. with the goal of having them all operational or under construction by the end of next year.

Today’s announcement is that 100 Walmart locations in 34 states will be part of the first wave of the Electrify America charging network. This will more than double the number of charging stations at Walmart stores and makes the company one of the leading retailers for hosting charging stations.

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“Providing this service is the right thing to do for our customers, our business, and the environment,” said Walmart VP of Energy Mark Vanderhelm.

80 percent of the new charging stations will be at Walmart stores near major highways, with the rest located inside metro areas. The highway locations will help shoppers on cross-country trips along the Interstate 10 and Interstate 80 corridors, as well as locals looking for a top-up.

Electrify America is sourcing charging stations from four different vendors. All will offer a 50 kW CHAdeMo connector, as well as the 350 kW CCS1 connector with liquid-cooled charging cables. The charging stations are capable of adding up to 20 miles per minute of charge once vehicles are capable of accepting the full charge rate.

Metropolitan charging stations are expected to have three to six chargers, with highway stations offering up to 10.