Volkswagen is one of the numerous automakers investing billions into future electrified and purely electric cars. On Monday, the automaker an update on what we can expect in the near future.

By the end of 2022, 27 vehicles will ride on VW’s MEB platform, or “Modular Electric Toolkit.” The MEB platform has been developed specifically for a host of electric cars to fit numerous body styles.

“We are making optimal use of the possibilities the electric car has to offer and creating massive economies of scale at the same time. Some 10 million vehicles across the Group will be based on this platform in the first wave alone. The MEB is the economic and technological backbone of the electric car for all,”┬áBrand Board Member for E-Mobility Thomas Ulbrich, said.

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The first of the 27 cars will be the ID electric car, a hatchback for the European market. North America will see an electric crossover and a reborn Microbus as part of the electric-car onslaught from VW. MEB will make it possible to adapt batteries and packaging for each car, which translates to better-used interior space.

MEB will also house technology to ensure each VW electric car comes with fast-charging capability built in. The automaker said every MEB-based electric car will have the capability to recharge the battery to 80 percent capacity in 30 minutes. A far cry from some of the ultra-fast charging systems on the horizon from Aston Martin and Porsche, but a good start for mass-marker EVs, no doubt.

The 27 electric cars by 2023 are just the beginning. After the first onslaught, VW plans to launch a new electric car every month across its multiple brands globally. And hopefully, the company’s diesel scandal will be gone with the wind by then.