Volvo Trucks North America introduced a comprehensive collision avoidance system at this week’s American Trucking Associations (ATA) Management Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas, NV.

Called Active Driver Assist (ADA), it offers long haul truckers safety features that have been available on passenger vehicles for some time, such as automatic braking, lane departure warning along with radar sensor and camera controlled cruise control.

The system operates in hazy, rainy, foggy and snowy conditions.

Volvo currently is the only truck manufacturer to fully integrate the system into its driver information display, so no additional display units or add-ons are needed, according to Göran Nyberg, president of Volvo Trucks North America.

“Volvo Active Driver Assist is just the most recent technology that we’ve brought to market to help improve the safety of all who travel on our roadways,” Nyberg said.

Using a front bumper-mounted radar sensor and a windshield-mounted camera, ADA is always active and is not dependent on cruise control.

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At speeds greater than 15 mph, if the driver doesn’t respond to audible and visual warnings, the system will automatically stop the big semi if it detects a stopped vehicle in its path.

When cruise control is engaged, ADA will maintain a set following distance behind the forward vehicle, and will automatically reduce the truck’s speed if the vehicle in front slows down.

The new system includes a lane departure warning system that can be deactivated for 15 minutes when driving through a construction zone or on narrow roads.

If multiple events occur simultaneously — a lane departure warning accompanied by an impact alert – ADA prioritizes by arranging them in order of criticality so the driver can respond accordingly.

Should the driver change lanes without a turn signal, brake excessively or take a curve at excessive speeds, the camera captures the event, which can be viewed later.

Volvo Trucks did not release a price for ADA, but did say it would be available on new VNL and VNM models.