If you could have your wish, what would you like to see General Motors do to make the next Chevrolet Volt better?

According to the automaker which recently polled its owners, the top requests are a lower price, a fifth seat space in back, and longer all-electric range.

GM has begun shipping 2015 Volts but the 2016 is the one eyes are on for potential changes. To date, GM is characteristically playing its hand close to its chest as to what these changes may be.

Various reports have gone out indicating a stylistic makeover and not much more — or possibly more electric range, possibly a 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbo range extender to replace the 1.4-liter four, and more.

The Volt’s liquid-cooled battery appears to be faring well durability wise, and its standard 38 miles EPA-rated EV range is OK for a lot of people, but there have been many who’ve voiced desire for more.

What would your top requests be if you could redesign the Volt?

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