A Chevy Volt enthusiast in Canada has just posted a first-drive report for the 2016 Chevy Volt.

In short, most aspects of the new car impressed or were better than KickinInCanada’s 2012 model.

The review, printed below in its entirety was put on GM-Volt.com yesterday, and this poster is experienced and knowledgable about the Volt, so impressions may be helpful for others.

As a reference, ERDTT is mentioned. That is “Engine Running Due To Temperature,” which engages the gas generator to augment HVAC function. This is a pet peeve of some Volt owners who wish GM had engineered a way to work around the need to turn on the gas.

Hey everyone, I had an incredible opportunity today to drive the new 2016 Chevrolet Volt premium trim level. I drove it at the GM Headquarters in Oshawa, Canada and it was one of the 6 or so recently delivered Volts in the last few days/week.

Here are my impressions: First thing, sitting in the drivers seat reminded me of sitting in the Cadillac ELR, obviously not as premium as the ELR, but premium nonetheless. Everything is beautifully laid out, the interior materials are more upscale, and visibility is improved over GEN 1. The shape of the A frame pillars seem to be better positioned. In terms of the interior, the Apple integration with your existing iPhone is fantastic. It displays either Google maps or Apple maps on the display screen which has much improved resolution over the old Volt. Currently, it does require you to plug into the USB port as Apple wireless integration is not yet ready – but I was told it is coming.


I was very surprised to learn that there is a wireless charging port for your phone integrated into the centre console – that was really cool. Both the front and rear seats are more comfortable, and the heated rear seats are a huge bonus for us northern dwellers. The rear centre console is improved – although there really is not much room for a fifth person as one has to straddle the centre console.

Driving impressions – incredible. The first thing I noticed straight away was that the car had a tighter, quieter drive to it. The suspension is definitely better and overall a much more luxurious drive. In terms of acceleration, it definitely is quicker off the line in electric mode. But I can’t say I noticed a significant overall difference between it and my own 2012 volt. I activated the genset with hold mode and it was definitely quieter, even when I accelerated quickly to force the genset to rev higher. When the genset was on, it definitely had a lower tone to the engine noise, but again, it was barely noticeable. Overall though, better driving experience than the current Volt.

Exterior – The door handles have chrome trim, again a surprise to me, but much appreciated. I’m still torn a bit about the styling. In person to me it looks more like a Ford than it does a Honda Civic. I like it, but I like my GEN 1 as well. But Volt fans don’t be worried, when someone sees it, it’s distinct enough they’ll know it’s a volt.

ERDTT – Confirmed, there is no change minus 10 C it will engage.

Regen – When driving in low and sport mode (which is my daily drive preference) regen feels the same when letting off the accelerator. However, I had the opportunity to use the regen paddle, which is located only on the left side of the steering wheel, and it slows down the car significantly quicker. I was told brake lights activate when using the regen paddle.

Final thoughts – The new 2016 Volt is clearly improved in almost every way. It’s just better. I will try to post some pictures.