The Chevrolet Volt didn’t beat its all-time best, but its 2,511 units sold in August were a yearly high.

Its year-to-date total yet lags its tally the same time last year, yet lags 3,351 sales in August 2013.

In contrast, the Nissan Leaf saw a new all-time record in last month of 3,186 in a time period in which other automakers reported solid results as well.

As has long been documented, General Motors’ plug-in Chevy has suffered mixed politicized views and has not been understood so well by mainstream consumers, even if its owners generally love the car.

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The Volt is also pending a redesign to be revealed January 2015 in Detroit, making it more of a lame duck, but both it and the Leaf were launched the very same month.

Its uptick for August undoubtedly is a welcome boost for its maker which this year did increase battery size to 17.1 kilowatt hours, theoretically good for an extra couple miles EV range to perhaps 40, though its EPA rating remains at 38.

To date, fewer incidents with the Volt’s liquid-cooled battery have been reported than with the Leaf’s air-cooled battery.

But the Volt has fought perceptions, despite being well engineered, albeit with shortcomings in rear seat accommodations for four.