More details are beginning to surface about Volkswagen’s battery electric concept car that will debut at the Paris Auto Show on October 1.

As Hybrid Cars noted earlier, the concept hatchback, a prototype or thinly veiled production model, will be about the size of the VW Golf, but with the interior space of the larger Passat.

The new stand-alone electric car is now confirmed to go on sale in 2020.

The show car will present a new styling design that Volkswagen sources told UK publication Autocar will influence the look of a variety of future battery-powered vehicles.

Using the working title Nuv-e (New Urban Vehicle Electric), the concept will reveal Volkswagen’s new modular electric platform (MEB) in detail.

With scalable electric motors, axles and suspension, MEB can be adapted to allow production of models ranging in size from a subcompact to full-size luxury sedans, according to a senior VW source with knowledge of the company’s electric vehicle plans.

VW Chairman Hebert Diess told Autocar the new EV would have an electric driving range of 250-370 miles (400-600 km).

Those numbers likely refer to the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), which is more generous than EPA ratings and doesn’t really reflect real-world range. A range of 250 miles is more realistic.

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The Budd-e electric van, first shown at the Consumer Electronic Show in January, will also be in Paris, and sources tell Autocar production is scheduled for 2019, one year before the electric car.

VW plans to make public other new electric models after the Paris show.

These include a crossover SUV (currently called CUV-e), a sports car in the form of either a coupe or a roadster and an electric successor to the flagship Phaeton (known internally as the X-BEV).

Batteries are the major cost of producing EV’s, and Diess said buying batteries from Asia would be “problematic,” hinting that VW would source them from a European plant.

In an attempt to put the diesel emissions scandal behind them, the automaker is sending a message about how it’s changed with the “Together – Strategy 2025” plan, marking its ambition to sell two-to-three million electric cars a year by 2025.

To reinforce the message, VW’s new slogan for Paris is quite forthright: “Think New.”