Volkswagen’s ride share startup Moia has launched an electric van designed just for ride sharing.

Not just a single user at a time like Uber or Lyft standard service, the vehicle is for multiple users. Think: connected, on-demand carpool. The vehicle, which doesn’t yet have a name, debuted today at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin.

Moia is planning to launch a ride pooling service next year. The service will start with 200 vehicles, and it will take place in Hamburg, Germany. Moia also has an app that uses an algorithm to group passengers by destination to increase capacity and reduce the length of the routes.

The Moia concept van is a six-seat all-electric van that’s designed to make it easier to share space with strangers. Moia said that it’s the only ride pool six-seater in the world. It’s designed with separate seats for each person, with abundant leg room and enough room for passengers to actually get to each seat. Not like the laboured climb into large shuttle vans of old.

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The seats have dimmable reading lights and USB ports. The vans also offer WiFi for passengers to use. There is a space for luggage located next to the driver. The vehicle has a 186 mile (300 km) range on the global WLTP test. It can charge up to 80-percent in just 30 minutes.

“The car represents total comfort and is a crucial piece of our consistent service experience. We developed it using our co-creation process, which involved multiple rounds of potential users of various age groups testing cars and providing feedback,” said Moia COO Robert Henrich.

CEO Ole Harms said that the company is hoping to take one million cars off of the road by 2025. That plan includes other technologies and ideas that the company isn’t yet ready to reveal. Harms also said that the service doesn’t plan to compete directly with public transit. The goal is to take people out of cars, not out of buses.

The Moia car was planned, designed, and built in just 10 months. The work was handled by VW’s Commercial Vehicles team and Volkswagen Osnabrück. That’s a lightning quick time for a company like Volkswagen to develop a vehicle. The project itself was announced only 12 months ago at TechCrunch London.

Moia has been testing a fleet of 20 Volkswagen T6 vans since last October, helping it to develop the components for the new vehicle.