Volkswagen Truck & Bus has debuted the e-Delivery, which will be produced in Brazil starting in 2020.

According to Volkswagen, the e-Delivery is an all-new platform developed in Brazil with the aim of offering new mobility alternatives to large cities. The platform is versatile enough to also underpin electric buses, which is what the automaker will begin testing in several European cities through MAN and Scania. Series production of those electric buses is expected to start before 2020 before Volkswagen Truck & Bus focuses on heavy-duty semi-trucks.

The company is also putting a focus on finding different ways to ensure electric semi-trucks have the range and load capacity to be viable for transport. One idea is that the trucks take advantage of overhead power lines, allowing them to run on zero emissions and batteries can be charged depending on how many miles the trucks still have to go. This area of development is known as “e-road” and Volkswagen says test routes have been announced in Germany.

Along with developing electric pwoertrains for buses and trucks, Volkswagen is also focusing on autonomous technologies. “A large number of stages have to be reached before trucks that navigate congested urban areas autonomously can become reality: from automated protection vehicles in highway road maintenance and autonomous dump trucks in mines, all the way to driverless tractors in port terminals and platoons for long-haul transportation on the highways,” Volkswagen Truck & Bus said in a statement.

The division is working closely with Volkswagen Group Research to make automated driving a viable option on public roads, including level-five autonomous driving.

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