Volkswagen is working on an aggressive two-year timeline to debut its next-generation Golf and I.D. hatchback.

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, company executives touted plans to switch the Golf family to a new model generation by 2020, with the electric I.D. hatch slated to follow a month later.

In addition to the I.D. hatch, the new I.D. lineup will include the I.D. Crozz crossover and the I.D. Buzz, a revival and evolution of the beloved Microbus. According to The Drive of Australia, it will have a range of up to 373 miles with pricing comparative to a Golf Diesel at approximately $29,000. Pricing has been an exhaustive selling point with Volkswagen executives, working to compete with the projected rise of diesel vehicle pricing due to tighter emissions controls in the region.

“This car is basically positioned at the price of a Golf Diesel, this is our price target for this car in 2020,” said Jürgen Stackman, head of sales and marketing.

The I.D. Crozz crossover is expected to have a top speed of 112 mph with a 311-mile range under the European test cycle (which is notoriously optimistic), with public recharging capabilities reaching 80-percent capacity in 30 minutes of charge time using a 150-kW charger. The 2020 Golf is expected to operate on Volkswagen’s MEB architecture, its new platform that links multiple electronic components in the vehicle with a flat-floor battery to create more space than conventional vehicles.

Eighty new electrified models are planned across Volkswagen Group’s properties by 2025, according to VW Group CEO Matthias Mueller. These include VW, Audi, Porsche, Bentley, Bugatti, Skoda, and Lamborghini. Of those, 30 models are expected by 2020 with a highly ambitious company goal to sell a million electric cars each year by 2025.

Drive Australia