Volkswagen has announced that its massive recall for cars fit with emissions cheating software will begin in January.

German authorities still need to approve the company’s plan to fix the cars which will be presented to them on Wednesday. A software fix will be sufficient for many of the vehicles, though some will require new fuel injection hardware and revised catalytic converters according to the new VW CEO, Matthias Müller.

The fix “doesn’t need three solutions, but thousands,” Müller told German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. “There were no deaths, and our cars were, and are safe,” he said.

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Though investigations are ongoing, Müller says it appears that very few VW employees were involved in the installation of software meant to cheat on emissions tests. “According to what we know today, very few employees were involved, but naturally we will only know exactly in a few weeks, once the results of internal and external investigations are available,” Mr. Müller said.

VW has set aside $7.33 billion to pay for the recall repairs that need to be performed on as many as 11 million vehicles. The company has also suspended all future investments until the issue is dealt with.


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