All those cheating diesel vehicles have to go somewhere.

As a result of its massive TDI diesel scandal, Volkswagen has been buying back numerous vehicles from owners and storing them at various locations. One of those locations is the now defunct Pontiac Silverdome, which was once the home of the Detroit Lions. The Silverdome first closed in 2006 before re-opening for a few years in 2010, but has since become home to those Volkswagen buyback vehicles.

The city of Pontiac, Michigan is now suing the owners of the Pontiac Silverdome for failing to get city approval before storing those Volkswagen cheating diesels. The lawsuit is for building, safety and zoning code violations and six complaints have reportedly been filed in the 50th District Court.

The German automaker declined to comment on how many vehicles are stored at the Silverdome, but MLive Detroit has some photos that shows there are likely hundreds of them. The automaker said it regularly maintains the vehicles until an “approved emissions modification” can happen. If the vehicles aren’t approved for a modification, they will eventually be recycled.

MLive Detroit

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