After Volkswagen wowed readers with its “261 mpg” XL1 plug-in diesel hybrid last year, it has now taken the car in a completely different direction as a concept for the Paris Motor Show.

The XL Sport concept is an example of parts bin engineering of the highest order. Out came the 800cc two-cylinder TDI engine VW spec’d with its electrified powertrain, and in went a 1.2-liter fire breathing engine from a $65,000 Ducati production superbike.

The donor car.

The donor car.

This has transformed the sub-2000 pound ultra aerodynamic hypermiler’s special with now 200 horsepower, 99 pounds-feet of torque, as did top-shelf upgraded suspension, wheels, brakes, interior and exterior styling.

The result is an 11,000-rpm screamer for which VW is not bragging about the mpg or CO2 g/km, but instead it’s there to satisfy with glee other kinds of enthusiasts within the automotive world.

Zero to 60 is a respectable 5.7 seconds, top speed is 168 mph, and the car is light, and likely an interesting driver’s car.

Perhaps only VW might have done this. The base donor car costs $167,000, and they had to grab an engine from a Ducati costing as much as a Mercedes E-Class and round out the ensemble with other expensive parts all around.

The video explains in greater detail.