Volkswagen has inked a partnership with car sharing network Zipcar to bring the Golf GTE plug-in hybrid to the streets of London.

The deal will see 40 cars located in the London Borough of Westminster and a further 10 cars throughout the capital.

Forty dedicated charging stations will be available to Zipcar members, with a charging time for the lithium-ion battery taking two hours and twenty minutes from zero to full charge.

Called the “Zipwagen,” the Golf GTE can be rented for £7 ($10) an hour — the same rate that the gasoline-powered Golf can be rented from Zipcar in London.

“Volkswagen is once again demonstrating its forward thinking with this exciting new Zipwagen initiative,” said Rod McLeod, head of marketing at Volkswagen UK.

“This partnership with Zipcar shows that we are providing attractive solutions to increasing numbers of inner-city residents who want to use cars on demand in preference to actually owning one.”

According to Volkswagen, the Euro-market only Golf GTE has a battery electric driving range of 31 miles, and a total driving range of 580 miles when the electric and gas engine are combined.

Those generous numbers come from the European NEDC test cycle, and would be reduced if tested by the U.S. EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency).

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The Zipcar collaboration follows last month’s announcement of Volkswagen’s $300 million investment in Gett, the Israeli-based ride-hailing startup that is available in 60 cities, including New York, London and Moscow.

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