If charges under a complaint announced as due to be filed last month are levied to the full, VW/Audi faces fines, as do two un-named company officials with a seven-year prison term also possible.

The companies, which are atop imported car sales charts in South Korea, have been on the defensive after admitting to falsifying U.S. emissions in September and since then under South Korean law.

This week, local news agencies reported investigators from the Seoul Supreme Prosecutors’ Office raided local Volkswagen and Audi offices, and separately, also raided a senior company official’s home in their ongoing diesel emission scandal probe.

Seized from the company official were emails to headquarters and emissions verification and vehicle certification documents, said the Yonhap News Agency.

In January South Korea’s environment ministry said its complaint would be filed against local units of Volkswagen/Audi and the two company officials because of legal improprieties leading to their vehicles not meeting allowable emission levels.

Under South Korean environmental law provision is made for a fine of up to 100 milion won ($81,253) or a seven-year prison term.

No comments were offered by either VW/Audi other than it confirmed the raid and is cooperating with the probe. Local prosecutors were not available to respond to a request for comment in a report by Reuters.

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