Volkswagen Group has become a shareholder in a German company helping electric car drivers seamlessly find and pay for charging.

As part of its Strategy 2025 electric car campaign and post-“Dieselgate” strategy, the automaker will begin supporting Hubject GmbH and its eRoaming platform early next year. Since 2012, Hubject has brought digital interconnection of charging stations backed by founding companies BMW, Bosch, Daimler, EnBW, Innogy, and Siemens.

Volkswagen thinks Hubject supports increasing acceptance of plug-in electrified vehicles and charging, or what’s commonly referred to in Europe as “e-mobility.” That’s happening through “a well-developed charging infrastructure with an international payment system that is as simple as possible,” VW said in its press release.

Hubject launched its “intercharge” in 2013, a cross-border solution for charging PEVS through its own eRoaming platform. The goal was to interconnect isolated stations in the region’s charging infrastructure. It’s moved beyond Europe, now serving 40,000 charge points on the platform, VW said.

You can view the Hubject video here to get a good idea of how it works.

Hubject eRoaming

“We have set our sights on becoming a globally leading provider in the field of sustainable mobility. With our investment in Hubject we are supporting the digital transformation and making an important contribution to the transition to the era of e-mobility,” said Thomas Sedran, Head of Group Strategy at Volkswagen AG.

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Volkswagen made reference to its “TOGETHER – Strategy 2025” program in the announcement. The German automaker plans to launch 30 new all-electric vehicles by 2025. Joining Hubject could support that drive by making charging more accessible.

“Charging must become more customer-friendly if electric cars are to make the breakthrough and catch on quicker. Together with our new shareholder we will be working at top speed to push forward with interconnecting the charging infrastructure,” said Thomas Daiber, CEO of Hubject.