Volkswagen has laid its chips on e-mobility with the creation of a new e-mobility division.

To be lead by Thomas Ulbrich, the automaker’s production and logistics chief, starting Feb. 1, the division’s goal is to accelerate its EV production effort, ensuring a smooth transition to the German automaker’s electrification initiatives. Of these, arguably the most notable are its electric ID hatchback and Crozz SUVs.

The overall electrification effort is part of Volkswagen’s Transform 2025+ plan. Similar in scope to the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi’s Alliance 2022 plan, this five-year business strategy aims to reduce investments in low-profile models, with re-investment of said funds into its electrification coffers to the tune of approximately $2.9 billion. Its e-mobility initiative constitutes the second phase of its strategy, the first being a restructuring initiative across the organization.

In total, Volkswagen is expected to invest about $8.9 billion dollars during this time, with 80 new hybrid and electric models planned to go into production by 2025 with full electrification of all models by 2030.

Other areas of Transform 2025+ has focused on a re-imagining of its business structure and corporate culture, with corporate initiatives to improve transparency within, build more flexible working models, and change how hierarchies work. In other words, large-scale organizational restructuring may be on the horizon. No word yet on what these initiatives will be nor whom and how it will affect.