As part of ongoing efforts to scrub its diesel-stained image, Volkswagen has in store a purpose made electric vehicle called NUVe it aims to show in Paris this year.

The pre-production concept car will be built on the modular MEB chassis, according to German publication Auto Bild, and interior space utilization could be as good as for a Passatt for the five-door hatch that’s being likened to a VW version of the i3.

Few details are known at this stage for things like range, performance, and other specs, but VW is looking to market it by 2019 meaning it will enter a hotly contested segment with at as many as five EVs believed pending so far to offer over 200-miles range for under $40,000.

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Although comparisons from eth down-market German auto company to the up-market i3 have been drawn, at this stage, it appears VW will need to deliver more range than the 124 or so offered by the BMW – which itself will need to increase range in coming years.

Auto Bild reports the NUVe project is one of six concepts to be built atop the MEB platform, and four of these have a good chance of being produced.