For Volkswagen Beetle fans, who mourned the end of production of the last Beetle, produced in July 2019, there is new hope for a renewed Volkswagen Beetle. A trademark filing discovered in Europe for “e-Beetle” supports rumors that Volkwagen is considering an electrified revival of the Beetle nameplate.

The trademark filing was first reported by the Volkswagen enthusiasts on the VW ID Talk Forum, a discussion community dedicated to VW’s electric models. Although the trademark filing does not include details about when a Beetle EV may arrive, or any other details about the Beetle EV project, the filing does prove that Volkswagen is at least considering an electrified future for the beloved Beetle.

Some speculate that the filing could be intended for an electrified conversion of a classic Beetle, rather than a new modern Beetle EV. Volkswagen has announced a partnership with a company called eClassics that electrified a classic VW van, renamed the e-BULLI.

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