The plug-in gas-electric Chevy Volt’s immunity to range anxiety came in handy today when a car thief led Los Angeles police on a chase ending in the driver’s arrest.

According to news station KTLA5, the first-generation Volt was stolen at 3:09 p.m, left, a strip mall in the Sherman Oaks area, and was apparently immediately pursued by police.

The suspect drove, as one might expect, recklessly, nearly missing other vehicles, speeding, and cutting others off.

Police almost had him trapped at one point when the Volt pulled into a parking lot, but the desperate suspect squeezed past and kept going.

When the suspect pulled into an enclosed parking area at 3:40, it was here that he was trapped, and as he looped around, he was blocked by police cars, smashing into one, an SUV.

This led to a stand off, as the driver parked near Burnet Avenue and Keswick Street stayed in the Volt.

Not reported is whether he pressed OnStar or called a Volt advisor for assistance.

Police eventually bashed the window in, shot bean bags, which were not verified whether they hit him.

The driver was pulled out, cuffed, arrested, and another Chevy Volt was down for the count.


Hat tip to Brian Ro.