Long-time Audi executive Peter Hochdoldinger has reportedly been hired by Tesla as its new vice president of vehicle production.

According to The Verge which reported receiving a statement today from Tesla, Hochholdinger is to be tasked with current Model S and X production, and the ramp-up leading to Model 3 targeted for late 2017.

“Tesla is excited to have Peter join the team,” Tesla’s statement said without specifying Hochholdinger’s start date.

News of his hiring comes in the wake of Tesla chairman Elon Musk’s issuing an open call to the world’s best manufacturing talent to come join Tesla.

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Musk’s invite came during a conference call to investors regarding its first quarter financial announcement, and as two top production managers were reported leaving. These are Greg Reichow, vice president of production, and Josh Ensign, vice president of manufacturing.

The Verge did not report whether Tesla had been talking with Hochholdinger prior to their announced leaving, and in any case he is expected to bring expertise to Tesla at a challenging time.

At Audi, Hochholdinger has overseen A4, A5, and Q5 production, and production volume of 400,000 vehicles annually. He has been in charge of thousands of employees, said Tesla’s statement. Additionally, The Verge reports he has been an advisor in Mexico for a new Audi production facility.