Cable and telephony giant Verizon and Boston startup XL Hybrids Inc. have entered an agreement to equip 234 of Verizon’s gas-powered work trucks with XL Hybrids’ XL3 add-on drivetrains.

Verizon’s vans, Chevy Express 2500 models, will use XL Hybrids’ XL3 add-on hybrid-electric system, offering regenerative braking abilities to charge the battery upon deacceleration. XL Hybrids will also provide Verizon with valuable transportation data using its cloud-based analytics system delivering key performance indicator information such as fuel economy, carbon dioxide emission levels, and other vital stats.

The move is meant to address several initiatives, particularly Verizon’s stated goal of reducing carbon emissions by 50-percent over the next ten years, as well as lessen the blow of New York City’s infamous stop and go traffic.

Also, the initiative will lead to increased savings using New York Truck Voucher Incentive Program rebates for municipal fleet use, an energy initiative launched in 2013 by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority and various transportation governing bodies.

“XL Hybrids is excited to expand its national relationship with Verizon. Because of the busy stop-and-go traffic in New York City, XL Hybrids’ technology is an ideal solution for Verizon’s 234 hybrid-electric vans,” said Clay Siegert, XL Hybrids co-founder, and chief operating officer, in a statement. “XL Hybrids has many repeat customers like Verizon because our hybrid-electric technology installs on Chevy vans in about six hours, is seamless to fleet operations in the field, and provides significant fuel economy improvements.”

According to Verizon, it is responsible for the largest purchase using New York’s voucher program. In all, the program has provided around 600 rebates over the past four years. The total deal is worth approximately $2.3 million, the majority of which is being subsidized by New York State.

To date, XL Hybrids has also serviced FedEx, Coca-Cola, and other key players with their drivetrain technology. Since 2015, the firm has delivered 300 vehicles to Verizon since 2015 and thousands of “fleet-ready” XL Hybrids to market since 2009. Other vehicles compatible with the XL3 drivetrain include the Ford Transit, Ford E-Series, and GM Savanna.