The folks at Monaco-based Venturi Automobiles have used two strategies to overcome the problems of producing a high-performance, all-electric luxury sportscar: manufacture only 25 units per year, and charge $400,000 for each one. The Venturi Fetish, described by the company as “the first production electric sports car in automobile history,” can bolt from zero to 60 in 4.3 seconds, and reach a maximum speed of 105 mph. The physics behind this level of performance: 330 horsepower pushing a carbon-fiber vehicle weighing only 2,425 pounds.

When the vehicle’s 100 li-on battery packs are topped off, Venturi claims the Fetish can go 220 miles before needing a recharge. A rapid battery charge is available, yielding about one mile of driving for every minute of juice. Venturi has taken the guesswork out of knowing how much charge is left by teaming up with Intel to create a wireless information system to remotely monitor the energy storage status, as well as other critical data. Before writing a check for a deposit, you might consider that the vehicle has yet to meet U.S. guidelines to become certified for American roads. Customers take delivery in Monaco and are responsible for transport to the United States…or anywhere else, for that matter. Orders are being taken, with a production and delivery timeline of approximately one year.