An effort is underway by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Federal Government to increase the gas tax to expand the country’s infrastructure.

According to the Washington Post, a new proposal by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce calls for a 25-cent increase over five years or a one-time hit to taxpayers, marking the department’s latest pitch to the U.S. Government to help fund an expansive infrastructure package. If passed, the raised tax is expected to generate more than $350 billion over ten years, a substantial increase over the U.S. government’s recent $200 billion proposals.

“We just got a new tax bill for the first time in 31 years,” said U.S. Chamber of Commerce president Tom Donohue, in a statement to reporters. “We’re making some significant changes in regulatory reform. We’ve got a president — everybody’s got all their own views about him and what he stands for and all that — but the guy’s getting stuff done and he’s a builder. I think we can get some help here.”

“But this is a big deal. This is a huge job creator. This is a massive improvement in productivity in this country,” Donohue continued. “And if we don’t do it, we will pay a horrific price, and that’s the message.”

The infrastructure package, expected to be revealed after the State of the Union address on Jan. 30, may include up to $1 trillion worth of investment in the building of roads, public work projects, and other improvements. It would also include the bolstering of federal loan programs to spur development along with separate private investments in various projects.

At the moment, the gas tax is 18.4 cents per gallon, a number that has been unchanged since 1993.

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