UPS has announced a new fleet of electric bikes serving the Fort Lauderdale, Fla. area.

The fleet comprises of UPS’ eBike delivery tricycles, which operate in all-electric mode and pedal power. A large cargo hold atop the tricycle’s rear wheels with a curved, sloping V-shaped piece as its windshield.

All e-Bikes will serve delivery routes along Las Olas Boulevard, Ft. Lauderdale’s main thoroughfare and downtown area, along with surrounding areas, year-round. Last month, UPS also rolled out the program in Pittsburgh, Pa. as part of Pittsburgh’s ONEPGH Resilience Strategy program, a sustainability initiative focused on addressing environmental pollution, climate change, infrastructure and the development of economic opportunity for whom the city considers disadvantaged.

“This is another example of how private and public sectors can work together to find sustainable solutions to meet the needs of today’s cities,” said Scott Phillippi, UPS’s senior director of maintenance and engineering, international operations. “We have many vehicle options when it comes to reducing our impact on the environment including our Cycle Solutions that provide greater mobility and zero emissions.”

The e-Bike program is part of UPS’ Cycle Solutions program, an initiative that promotes the use of alternative fuel delivery vehicles comprising of all-electrics, hybrids, natural gas, propane, and others. In 2016, UPS achieved a 1-billion drive mile goal. UPS continually places its older vehicles with alternative fleet vehicles, in part through the adoption of a “Rolling Laboratory” approach where the selection and use of low-emission vehicles are assessed based on city density and other requirements.

In 2012, UPS’ e-Bike program debuted in Hamburg, Germany, initially a pilot program using centrally located containers to store and pick up packages by UPS drivers, who conducted deliveries by foot or using e-Bikes.
After early success, the program was replicated in other cities, including these latest installations in Pittsburgh and Fort Lauderdale. Other participating cities include but are not limited to Verona, Italy and Dublin, Ireland.