Mail giant UPS has announced the deployment of 35 electric delivery vans in London and Paris.

In partnership with ARRIVAL, a U.K.-based electric van developer, the fleet is slated to hit the roads by the end of 2018. No word on which specific routes the delivery trucks will serve.

Specifications include a 150-mile range. It will also include an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), a safety-focused technology suite with an emphasis on reducing driver fatigue.

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“UPS is working with Arrival here in the U.K. because their smart electric vehicles are helping to reduce dependency on fossil fuel,” said Luke Wake, UPS international director for automotive engineering, in a statement “This is a pioneering collaboration that helps UPS develop new ways to reduce our emissions. The result is a safer and cleaner fleet for the communities in which we deliver.”

On the design side, the ARRIVAL vans are boxy with soft curves, with missing hoods and trunks, sporting nearly floor-to-roof-length, flat, tilted front windshields and side windows with low wheel arches and the UPS logo emblazoned on the sides.

Over the past several years, UPS has made inroads towards electrifying its fleet, with more than $750-million in alternative fuel expenditures since 2009, a December 2017 pre-order of 125 Tesla semis, and a collaboration with truck-maker Workhorse Group to design 50 plug-in hybrid trucks. It logged over 1 billion alternative fuel-driven and “advantaged technology” miles, with more than 9,000 vehicles in operation globally. This includes 300-plus electric cars in Europe and the U.S.