Brits who’ve not already been reading American Model S reviews are discovering the electric luxury sedan as Tesla prepares to launch a right-side drive version next year.

“This is the future, except it’s right now in the present,” said Autocar reviewer Steve Sutcliffe in a video posted yesterday. “it makes the Aston seem really, really old fashioned. Wow.”

Autocar figures the Model S will cost around 80,000 pounds and the 550-horsepoewr V12 Aston Rapide S is estimated at 150,000 pounds.

The only detail Autocar nicked the Tesla for was lack of sufficiently supportive seats for aggressive driving.

And it saves face for the Rapide – that’s clocked a 12.9 second quarter mile at 111.3 mph – by saying the Model S probably does not match the “quality” of the exalted UK model.

The Aston comparo is notable also in that the Rapide has seen Henrik Fisker’s previous design input, and his now-sidelined Karma has been described as emulating a lot of the Aston’s show, if not its go.

But Fisker’s rival Tesla does trounce the Aston where it counts, as you can see in the video, and there’s no excuses made for the Tesla whereas some basically are for the Aston.

Will the Tesla phenomenon continue in Europe? Looks like the stage is being set.