The UK government has received an ultimatum to issue mandates for most new cars to be electric by 2030 or whiff on its emissions targets.

The recommendations, made by the Committee on Climate Change, a UK clean energy watchdog group, issued the strongly worded draft aimed at the region’s Clean Growth Strategy program, its proclamation on the country’s carbon targets. Primarily, its goal to make up to 70-percent of new cars hybrid and electric by 2030 and end gas-powered car sales by 2040, along with proposals for grants, tax subsidies, and advancements to charging infrastructure.

“The Clean Growth Strategy is ambitious in its aims to build a thriving low-carbon Britain, but ambitions alone are not enough,” said Committee on Climate Change chairman, Lord Deben. “As it stands, the Strategy does not deliver enough action to meet the UK’s emissions targets in the 2020s and 2030s. The Government’s policies and proposals will need to be firmed up as a matter of urgency — and supplemented with additional measures — if the UK is to deliver on its legal commitments and secure its position as an international climate change leader.”

The report, titled “An independent assessment of the UK’s Clean Growth Strategy,” is critical of the UK government’s efforts to date, citing advancing but not-on-pace progress toward those goals. Recommendations include paying homeowners to install energy-saving devices, planting 173,000 acres of new woodlands by 2025, increasing the liability of oil and gas companies to invest in low-emissions technology, and providing electric vehicle education to car dealers.

Drafted by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, the Clean Growth Strategy follows the country’s 2008 Climate Change Act, one of its first efforts to institute an emissions target. The document outlines a series of strategies and pledges to reduce carbon emissions by outlining ideas on improving industry efficiency, optimizing home energy use, moving to low-carbon transport, public education, and clean power.

The initiative has been backed by industry and trade organizations, with supporting public statements made by Flogas and Oil and Gas UK.

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