Uber is the latest entrant in the electrification push, offering to pay an extra $1 to drivers who use electric vehicles.

The pilot program, called the EV Champions Initiative, will run for a year, earmarking enough budget to pay for 5 million electric-vehicle rides in seven select cities, including Los Angeles, Montreal, San Diego, Austin, Sacramento, Seattle, and San Francisco. Similar programs have already been launched in Pittsburgh and Portland. To qualify, vehicles used must be a plug-in electric or full battery-electric.

In terms of compensation and benefits, payments will be capped at $20 a week for each drive. The program will also provide access to EV education, advocate for ridesharing, and help drivers secure federal, state, and local incentives towards discounts on electric vehicle purchases, including membership in AVEQ, a premium aid program.

“We’re excited to continue working with riders, drivers, and cities around the world to facilitate access to more sustainable transportation and work towards solutions that can improve our lifestyles and our cities,” wrote Adam Gronis, Uber’s global lead for sustainability and environmental impact, in a blog post titled “Electrifying our network”

App functionality will also be modified somewhat, with push notifications appearing when a trip exceeds 30 minutes to warn drivers to be mindful of his/her driving range.