Having just repaid its government loans with interest, and with another positive announcement planned this week – this one about expanding its Supercharger network – Tesla stock rose 13.6 percent yesterday, closing at $110.33

The stock price surge was an unambiguous breaking through the $100 mark, and the first time the company’s TSLA symbol as traded on Nasdaq has seen this much valuation.

Since May 24, TSLA has tripled in value which makes it far more than a mere standout compared to the 16-percent rise in the Russell 1000 Index for the same time period.

Elon Musk, the company’s CEO and co-founder, has said plans are to expand the Supercharger network, most of which are in California.

We’ll keep you posted what specifics are outlined for the growing network of free, solar powered quick chargers, when they are revealed.

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