Insurance brokerage firm Trov Inc. and Waymo have announced a partnership to provide coverage for Waymo’s passengers with its upcoming driverless ride-hailing service.

The joint agreement will see the Trov offering coverage in the event of property damage, lost items, or medical expenses incurred during trips, with automatic enrollment upon hailing a ride. Waymo is Trov’s first corporate client.

“This partnership highlights the convergence of the future of transportation with the future of insurance,” said Scott Walchek, Trov founder, and CEO. “Waymo is making personal transportation more effortless, and so it follows that all associated aspects of a journey – including insurance – should be equally painless, with passengers’ safety and peace of mind paramount. We are genuinely excited to be partnering with Waymo in developing innovations for insuring people and property in the evolution of personal mobility.”

At no point would Waymo’s passengers be informed they are automatically covered, as Trov will be packaged as part of the service at no additional cost to the rider.

Founded in 2012, Trov offers a mobility-centric insurance service for electronics and bike-sharing services. The service is billed as an “on-demand” insurance program using a smartphone app. According to the Trov website, users can “protect just the things you want, exactly when you want, entirely from your phone” with insurance billed by the second, day, mile, or event.”

This setup deviates from traditional insurance companies that offer pre-determined packages with flat fees based on a user’s risk profile with less flexibility to adjust coverage in real-time.

Trov’s insurance will be underwritten by one of its investors, Munich Re AG, a Munich, Germany-based reinsurer that injected $45 million into the company earlier this year. In May 2016 and Dec. 2016, it entered the Australian and UK markets, respectively.

“Innovative technology needs innovative partners. Trov is pioneering a cutting-edge approach to insurance that’s ideal for ride-sharing because it’s customized for every trip,” said Shaun Stewart, Waymo’s director of operations. “As we prepare to launch a commercial service, we’re thrilled to collaborate with Trov to unlock the full potential of shared mobility.”

At the moment, Waymo is operating a self-driving, non-human operated car fleet within the Phoenix metropolitan area. Soon, the trials will expand to a pilot service with select Phoenix residents participating through a ride-hailing app.