Travel experts have a lot of advices on ways to staycomfortable during a road trip. Some would recommend to bring neck pillows, sunglasses,and even a comforter just to keep you cozy during the trip. Add to that yourfavorite CDs and you have your own hotel in your car.

But staying comfortable on a road trip takes more than bringingyour favorite things with you; planning is imperative to avoid the dreadfulfeeling of a disastrous road trip. Read on to know how you can stay comfortable,avoid stress, and arrive at your destination safe and refreshed.

Eating right on theroad

For most people, traveling means taking pit stops at fastfood chains to refresh and grab a bite. This is actually unhealthy and shouldn’tbe don’t all the time. Better ways to eat while on the road are the following:

锟斤拷 Pack your food. You know what foods are healthyfor you. So, instead of getting lazy and just leaving it to fast foods to feedyou, why not pack your own food. Items you can bring are fresh fruits, driedfruits, nuts, cheese sticks, bread, and of course water. Don’t forget to bringa cooler to keep your drinks and fruits chilled.

锟斤拷 Say no to vending machines. High fat, high saltand high sugar. If you want to get them all then by all means patronize vendingmachines. But remember that this would only keep you unhealthy and prone todiseases. So, if you care about your health, stay clear of these machines.

Stay safe andcomfortable

Sitting in your car for long hours can cause stiffness, soit’s important to give attention to your comfort on the road. Make sure thatyou are able to sit comfortably and not stretching to reach the wheel. Be sureto take frequent stops and do some stretching before continuing on yourjourney.

Likewise, it’s important to oakley fuel cell review keep all car components in topshape to ensure your safety while on the road. From the car headlights tothe engine and brakes, everything has to be kept in tiptop shape. If there arefaulty components that require immediate replacement, do so before getting onwith your trip.

Stay awake on theroad

There is no place for sleepy drivers on the road. If youdon’t want to get involved in an accident, then don’t drive while drowsy. Atmost, drowsy driving has the same effect as drunk driving, which includes slowreaction time, impaired vision, and reduced awareness. So, before hitting cheap oakley sunglasses theroad,

锟斤拷 Get plenty of sleep. It may be difficult to getsome sleep especially when are running with last minute preparations. But it’scritical that you are well rested before driving to ensure of your overalldriving competence. And make sure to get some rest in between drives if you aretaking a long journey.

锟斤拷 Pull over if you feel sleepy. Pay attention toyour body, and if you start feeling sleepy, take a rest or change drivers.