Toyota showcased a new hybrid crossover concept during the Paris Motor Show, the C-HR.

Toyota explained the C-HR Concept is built on a new platform and measures 4,350mm long, 1,850mm wide and 1,500mm high. A lower centre of gravity and greater structural rigidity will contribute to much improved driving dynamics. Interesting, but Toyota did not say what it was comparing it to.

More interestingly, Toyota said this C-HR concept uses a new full hybrid powertrain that will deliver significantly improved fuel efficiency.

This new powertrain is expected to be seen in production vehicles in the near future, but Toyota stayed mum on particular characteristics.

This design study for a stylish, lightweight C-segment crossover could see production, in altered form, and would likely be first launched in Europe where such smaller vehicles are sought after. Toyota stated this concept is “giving the first hint of a type of crossover vehicle Toyota would like to bring to market.”

Europe is a sizeable hybrid vehicles market for Toyota, stating the European total has reached 780,000 since the Prius went on sale here in 2000, with growth driven by the Yaris Hybrid and Auris Hybrid. This regional figure accounts for more than 10 percent of its global hybrid sales.

Still out of Toyota’s sales statistics, in the first eight months of 2014, Toyota and Lexus hybrid sales reached 107,000 units, which is 28 percent of total Toyota group sales in western Europe. During the same period in the same area (31 countries, including the EU states, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland),the Yaris achieved a 31 percent share of hybrid sales, while hybrid versions claimed more than 50 percent of all Auris and Auris Touring Sports sales.